ACE Vice President


Grand Master Ray O’Neill IX Dan

Grand Master Ray O'Neill IX Dan
Grand Master Ray O’Neill Vice President of ACE

I started Taekwon-Do on Wednesday 13th September 1978 at the Stonehenge School of Taekwon-Do, which I’ve been  running since 1983.

Stonehenge School now being the 3rd longest running TKD School in the UK today.

Most of my Taekwon-Do life I’ve been with the UKTA, during this time 1978- 2012 First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha was it’s Chief Instructor & I’ve been graded by FGMR right the way up to IX Dan. I’m proud to call FGMR my Instructor. I’ve produced in excess of 80 Blackbelt promotions under my instruction.  

Taekwon-Do has taken me all over the World on many occasions assisting FGMR in conducting seminars, and still to this day I’m honoured when he calls me up to assist him with his seminars be they abroad or in the UK.

In 2012 First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha found himself no longer a part of the UKTA, after which Grand Master Cutler  left the UKTA  as became Founder  & President of A.C.E. Taekwon-Do having FGMR as our Patron.

I decide the best path for me was to continue to be with my Instructor FGMR I therefore joined Grand Master Cutler in ACE, and have been developing ACE as Vice President ever since.

I spent most of my life working my way up in Logistic, Business & Operations Management,  however several years ago I decided to give that up and become a Professional Taekwon-Do Instructor.

In my spare time I love to go out for a ride on my motorbike with my wife Anita, I also build & design websites, do a great deal of graphics deign, and build & repair computers.

However travelling around the UK & the World promoting authentic Taekwon-Do is what I enjoy most.