Black Belt Grading England

Blackbelt Seminar and Grading Poster
Blackbelt Seminar and Grading Poster

Black Belt Course and Promotion exam consists of a pre Grading Course followed by the Promotion exam.

Applications to attend the course and or the grading must be submitted via the online form. Grading applications along with the grading card and license booklet must be received at head office no later than 5 February 2022.

Follow the Link below to register.

Grand Master Cutler and O’Neill will be sharing their knowledge in a training course aimed for black belts. This is a fantastic opportunity to train with two of the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors in the UK, SM Blackburn and Mst Proctor, Mst Britton, Mst Glasby will also be assisting.

Black Belt Training / Pre Grading Course

Saturday 9th March – 10:00pm – 19:00pm.

Sunday 10th March – 10:00am – 13:00pm.

Promotion Exam 14:00pm.

The prices listed are for ACE licensed members meeting the full promotion criteria..

non affiliated promotions are available please contact for details…

Venue: YMCA Sports Centre, College Drive, Arle Road, Cheltenham GL51 8LE

Open to all Taekwon-Do practitioners 1st kup and above regardless of affiliation It is advisable to submit the application at least 1 Calendar month prior to the grading date.

Use this link to apply